Walnuts and Prunes from Domaine du Garinet

Harvesting walnuts

Both walnuts and prunes have long been traditional crops of our region. Although we are primarily a wine-producing property, we also have a walnut orchard and a small plum orchard for making prunes. We sell high quality walnuts and prunes, and we also make fine walnut oil plus a range of delicious preserves and baked products. We are delighted to be able to resume production of oil after a very large crop in 2020, following the very small yields of 2019 and 2018.

Baked products are freshly made for sale at Montcuq market on Sunday mornings, but are sometimes available from the freezer at the Domaine.


We sell our walnuts in the shell after careful selection from the best of the crop; supermarket nuts are no comparison.

Our quality walnut oil is pressed for us at a mill in the north of the Lot, using kernels shelled by us from our nuts. It is excellent in vinaigrette, and for dressing pasta or vegetables.

Our walnut bread, cakes and walnut-and-fig brownies are highly sought after at the market – come early to be sure they’re not sold out!

Plums for prunes

Plums for prunes


We sell our prunes either dry for keeping, or ready-to-eat, and we have an excellent range of preserves, all made by us from our own produce and other locally grown ingredients. These include Prunes in Cahors Wine, Sweet Pickled Prunes, a prune/orange jam (Favorite de Sophie) and Prune Chutney. Our objective for all these products is the same as for our wine – consistently high quality.

Other Products

We make an excellent quince jelly from quinces grown on our property and we have an ‘alien’ product – marmalade - (no, we don’t have an orange grove - the oranges are bought from Seville!). The product supplies deprived English residents but also has a considerable following from French customers who really appreciate its qualities.

Price List

Prices are valid until 31 December 2023 and include VAT.

Noix et Pruneaux
•Walnuts and Walnut Products
Whole unshelled walnuts6.00€1kg bag
27.00€sacks of 5kg
Walnut oil12.00€25cl
•Prunes and Prune Products
(Available according to the availability of the raw materials)
Freshly prepared ready-to-eat prunesnot available 2023500g
Prunes in Cahors wine 6.00€500g jars
Favorite de Sophie (prune and orange jam)5.30€350g jars
Sweet pickled prunes4.70€315g jars
Chutney aux Pruneaux5.30€315g jars
•Other Preserves
Quince Jelly4.50€340g jars
Marmalade - with or without walnuts5.30€350g jars
•Baked Products
Walnut bread0.70€/4.00€roll/loaf
Walnut and fig brownies0.45€/4.50€each/packets of ten
Walnut cakes - plain, or with chopped prunes:
      - individual size 2.00€
      - 8-portion cake14.00€
      - 10-portion cake17.00€

Baked products are freshly made for the Sunday market at Montcuq, and are sometimes available from the freezer at Domaine du Garinet. We are happy to do extra bakings to order.

Gluten-free walnut cakes are available to order, sizes and prices as for standard cakes above.