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We are Mike and Sue Spring, the owners of Domaine du Garinet, a small wine estate in the Cahors area of the beautiful Lot valley, in south-west France.

Sue and Mike in the chai

photo Michele Ch'i

We produce very high quality red, white and rosé wines using modern methods to give fine wines that are typical of our area. Our Cahors red is made entirely from malbec grapes, which give our wines an intense, almost black, colour.

Everything is done and supervised by us at the property, from the vine to the bottle, giving the ultimate in traceability and quality control.

We sell our wines at reasonable prices; they are not over-priced 'elite' wines.

This site presents our wines, and there’s a complete price list and information on how you can obtain them - How to Buy. The sections on Vines and Winemaking each start with an overview, to give you a quick picture of how we work, but more detail follows if you want to know more. There’s also a page about our other traditional products - Walnuts and Prunes.

We enjoy meeting the many customers who come to us to buy directly from the property, to see the vines and chai (winery), and to ask us about vinegrowing and winemaking - see Contact/Visit. The Lot Valley page tells you a little about the many attractions of our area. Do come and see us if you come to SW France!

**Latest News:

2018 Harvest

The 2018 harvest took place during a long spell of fine weather, the vinifications are now finished and the wines safely in the vats. The quality is excellent throughout - red, rosé and white, and the quantity is also good.

For the moment we have no rosé nor sauvignon to offer, as the 2016 is sold out and of course there was no 2017 because of the frosts. The 2018 rosé and sauvignon should be in bottle and available to buy by the beginning of June next year. Meanwhile our full range of reds and Le Clos chardonnay are available.

The 2008 Fût de Chêne is now sold out and is replaced by the excellent 2009, a very ripe and full wine which is just beginning to show its quality. We were very pleased that the Le Clos chardonnay was awarded a star rating by Guide Hachette this year, the first time we have submitted our whites to Hachette.

We also had a good crop of walnuts, which are now available for sale.

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